Bagpiper For Hire

Bagpiper For Hire


£200 (1 Piper)
£300 (2 Pipers)
  • Pipe as people arrive.
  • Pipe funeral car down road / lane.
  • Pipe into Church / Crematorium.
  • Pipe at end of service as people leave grave side or pipe as people look at flowers.

For an extra £50 the piper / pipers can meet at the house to pipe as funeral car arrives to collect flowers and to pipe a short journey down the road, this can be a very nice tribute.

If the function is more than 20 miles away, prices may be more due to fuel and time.

*ALL PIPERS USED ARE AT COMPETITION STANDARD and are R.S.P.B.A REGISTERED* so you can rest at ease you will have a good piper and no regrets.

For parties or other functions or you wish to speak about tunes please phone our shop 01277 356969 or fill our enquiry form.